Coffee pastries

French puff pastry with pearl sugar on top. Healthy item
Minimum: 5 bags (40 Chouquettes)
Coconut Truffle

Soft coconut truffle with a crunchy hazelnut paste heart (homemade!!)

Minimum order: Between 24/28
Possible Nuts free
From Bordeaux (France). Caramelized outside and creamy inside. Baked with french vanilla beans.
Minimum  15 small caneles
Place order 48 hrs before
Fruit paste
Made with Fruits jam.
Various choices
(blueberry, strawberry, mango, orange...).
40% LESS SUGAR on my recipe
24 small fruit paste.
Place order 24 hrs before

Scones made with a homemade vanilla caramel,chocolate and sout

Excellent with a cup of coffee

Minimum : 15 scones
Place order 24 hrs before
Sell by inches (minimum= 77 inches or = ~40 pieces)
Available Flavors:
Vanilla/Raspberry, Blueberry, Vanilla, Lemon or Strawberry
Minimum order: 40 pieces

I keep the origin 1st shape of of the Financier called "Visitandines".

It made with my own almonds powder, and for my personal touch and freshness, I add blueberry and Banana.

Minimum :24 Financiers
Place order 24 hrs before

A typical French pastry. Eat for the breakfast or with a cup of tea.

I use a pinch of Vanilla beans and my own homemade honey to add a roundness regarding the flavor.

Minimum : 24 Madeleines
Place order 24 hrs before Minimum
Altitude 3396"

I spent months to arrive to the perfection. It's a cake of my childhood. I ate whit my great grandmother.

What does represent Altitude 3396", it's the Altitude of the Chamonix city(Mont Blanc mountain), the original name of this pastry!!

It made with a citrus base sponge cake( with honey), in the middle an intense homemade orange confits, and on top a small icing for the crunchy.

Minimum : 20 Altitude cake
Place order 24 hrs before Minimum, more if I don't have homemade orange confits in stock.

Viennoiserie and Raise dough

French beignet From Lyon (France)
My version of beignet is Healthy:
Baked in the oven and not fried.
Minimum:  1/2 lb ( ~10/12 bugnes)
Place order 24 hour before
Similar to a brioche with cranberry and apricot.
Minimum : 1 big size or 6 individual size
Place order 24 hour before
Pain au lait
Bread milk
Ideal for the breakfast or tea time
Minimum: 10 breads
Place order 24 hour before

Individual or whole Loaf

Could be plain, chocolate or sugar/cinnamon

Minimum: 1 loaf or 12 individual
Place order 24 hour before
St Genix

Come from Saint-Genix-Sur- Guiers city (Savoie/France)

Brioche filled with homemade Pink praline before baking. On top some pink praline and pearl sugar.

Could be order by loaf or individual one

Minimum: 1 loaf or 12 individual
Place order 24 hour before

Made with my homemade puff pastry( use high quality of butter) and apple jam

Could be filled with another flavor( Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry...)

Minimum: 7 turnover
Place order 24 hour before
Chocolate croissant
Bake with French chocolate
& high quality butter
No machine Use!! Roll and cut by hand
Minimum: 12 or 6 croissant/6 chocolate croissant
Place order 24 hour before


Pain au raisins

French Viennoiserie, typical snail

Filled with soft raisins.

Minimum: 10 breads
Place order 24 hour before

Cake & Pies

Savoie Cake

Cake from my region (Savoie/France)
Healthy cake (No fat added).

Crunchy outside & soft inside similar to an Angel cake.

Minimum: Whole cake (12 slices)

Pain D'epices

"Spice Cake" made with homemade spice blend and local honey .

Famous in Europe during the Winter Market

Minimum order: 6 individual cake
(~3.75in  x`2.50in)


From Brittany region (France). This cake was created in the XIX century. Base of a dough bread.

A cake to share with friends or family.

Minimum: Whole cake (>14 slices)
Place order 48 hrs before

Quatre quart

Classic French cake
The classic one is plain but could be made with coconut sugar & lime or lemon zests.

Minimum:whole cake( ~11 in x~4.5in)
(between 12 and 15 slices)

or medium size round shape(~6 in diam)

Roll cake
Option 1: homemade jam (less sugar) *blueberry, strawberry, mango/vanilla
Option 2: Caramel & nuts
Other flavors could be available depend of the Fruit season

Minimum: Whole cake (Between 14 and 20 slices)

Almond Cake
Puff Pastry with homemade almond cream.
In Europe Famous during the 3 king celebration

Minimum: Whole cake (>14 slices)
Place order 48 hrs before

Condat cake

Almond cake with Lemon and olive oil . From Limousin Region (France)

Individual cake (Order: 6 minimum)
Killer cake

I know a weird name, right?

But not worry you will understand when you will eat it.

It's  an intense chocolate & homemade caramel cake. Made with 85% of chocolate grade. The texture is almost like a mousse.

Individual cake (Order: 6 minimum)
The fact is an intense flavor, 1 small pie could serve 2 people.
Lemon pie
A classic pie of the French cuisine.
A refreshing pie to share with Family or friends.
Could be order with or without meringue.
If you like orange it could be another option 🙂

Minimum:  Whole pie (~12 in Diam)   or                                                     12 small ones (1.75in diam)

Place order 24 hour before

Tarte Linz
Originally from Austria.
In Alsace region it will filled with a Raspberry jam.
Depend of the Season fruits. You will have the option to order different Flavors of homemade jam:
-Blueberry, strawberry or raspberry.

Minimum: 8 parts              

Place order 24 hour before

Tarte aux noix
Typical pie from Grenoble (France)
My crust is made with Brazil nuts

Minimum :24 small pie (1.75 in diam)      or                         

1 big size( ~ 12 in diam)


Delicious Cookies

Called elephant ears in USA
Homemade puff pastry
(High quality of butter)
with mix sugar and cinnamon on top

Minimum:45 palmiers

Place order 24 hour before

Glass cookies
Cookies full of colors.
Sour flavor in the middle( bake with candies)

Minimum:20 cookies

Place order 24 hour before

Langue de chat
"Cat's tongue cookies"
Vanilla, chocolate or lemon flavors available

Minimum:20 langues de chat

Place order 24 hour before

Assorted cookies
It will be a mix of 3 or 4 different type of cookies.
Two size of cookies option available
Contact me, for more details please.

Minimum :40 cookies

Place order 24 hour before

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