Galette des rois

King cake
To celebrate the 3 kings(French tradition) We have a special almond cake called:
La galette des rois
Puff pastry filled with a homemade almonds cream
It's always the first Sunday after January 1st.
Everything is homemade: (peel&roast the almond before another step, the crust is made with the best high quality of butter too)
 It's a long process so call me 48 hours before please
 It could be customize

You could find also to celebrate the 3 kings, more from South of France, The couronne des rois( ring of king)

It's a brioche with orange fower water, some fruits confits inside and outside and pearl sugar on the top of the couronne.

Of course my fruits confits are homemade.

Valentine's day

Details rose
Just say I love you with my 100% edible roses bouquet and vase.
The Roses are with homemade
almond paste
the stems: cookies
Chocolate cake
Vase: waffle

Mardi gras



Some Fresh and Yummi French Beignet
(from Lyon)
Flavors: orange water flower
Healthy one because it's not fry

St Patrick

Scones Caramel/chocolate


Scones with Chocolate, homemade vanilla caramel and Stout

Porter cake

Bake with 2 type of raisins, stout beer and spices
Call 18 hours before, please


Marshmallow Eggs

Marshmallow eggs (top coconut shredded)
With soft orange heart
Nest made with Meringue
Sell By dozen



Homemade brioche with Sugar and cinnamon

(plain or chocolate could be another option)

Mother's day

Killer cake

Intense Chocolate and Caramel cake

Say I LOVE YOU to your Mother,

With this Chocolate and Caramel cake. The flavor is intense and rich of flavors. It will melt in your mouth, almost flour free. She will love it!!!

I use a high quality of dark chocolate(no liquor chocolate or sugar added!!!)

Father's day


Moustache cookies

Offer some Mustache to your dad.
Vanilla, caramel&chocolate flavor cookies


eyeball coconut truffle

Eyes coconut

Coconut truffle with my personal Halloween touch
sell it in eggs box:
-6 eyes
-12 eyes
-18 eyes
A dozen buy = 25% off the second dozen

Zebra cake

Healthy cake bake with homemade orange jam and cacao
cake for 6/8 slices
2 cakes buy= 25% on the 3rd cake



Walnut Caramel pie

From Grenoble(France)
Crust made with Brazil nuts
2 size available


pain d epices

Pain D'epices

French cake
Famous during the winter market.
Bake with a local honey and my own homemade blend spices


Could be order by:
6 ( individual) or 1 (big size)


Come from Italy.
Pastry eat during Christmas period.
It's similar to a brioche
My personal touch: Cranberry/Apricot
Could be order by:
6 ( individual) or 1 (big size)
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