Who I am?

In my childhood, one person particularly gave me the desire to discover the culinary field,  for me it was magic to see how much joy you  could give to people with a simple and tasty meal.
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Sandrine Neau

  I love baking tasty treats for our guests!

Which spirit I have?

From start to finish, every pastry made by myself is unique and personal.
NO mass production, only hand selected ingredients and of course a lot of Love inside each pastry.
I invite you to taste the difference.
Native of the French Alpes.
I grew up in the Savoie region.

When I started this beautiful adventure?

I started my culinary studies when I was 15 years old in France. My first diploma was dedicate to acquire the skills of cooking & baking.
After 2 years, I wanted to learn more about baking, so I continue with a diploma specialize in pastry, with ice cream, candy, chocolate options.
I finished my studies with a catering management diploma.
After my studies I traveled to different countries, and it's during this period that I discovered diverse culinary cultures.

When in 2010 I moved in New York, I first did a lot of volunteer jobs.Then I had different experiences in the kitchen (from cook to pastry chef)

In 2016, I decided to open my own company "j'adore baking"
Why I used "j'adore" (who means I love), because for me everything I'm doing when I'm in my kitchen is made with love and passion.

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