J'adore Baking
About me
I come from the French Alpes(close to Switzerland and Italy).From my young age I love to be in the kitchen and enjoy to eat.I did all my culinary  studies in France with a specialization in pastry. I like the challenge and also surprise people

I make customized orders and discuss it with my customers to reach their expectations

You could find me at the Chappaqua Farmer's market (minimum twice a month) until November.

My goal in the future will be to open a store to provide you everyday a place  with all my products.

Pastries Items

You would like a cake RIGHT NOW

To share
a special moment with your Friends or Familly
I have the solution
for you,
choose my special cake:

"Sandrine's Cake

What is Sandrine's cake ? A yummi Quatre quart cake with a refreshing flavor
(it could be orange, lime,lemon, vanilla,raspberry...)

The cake will be ready in 1 Hour
( Exclude the delivery time)

So not wait and call me :-)

Contact me to know the prices please.
Thank you

Coconut truffle

Savoie Cake

Savoie is the region where I come from.Very light cake ( similar to an angel cake)

Soft coconut ball with a Hazelnut paste(from scratch)

Mini muffins


Made with Brazil nuts,dried figs&maple syrup

Flavors available(lemon,mint,Chartreuse, hazelnut, vanilla, plain...)

Sell it by inch

Chocolate brioche

Individual Brioche, possibility to have plain too

Almond cake

Puff pastry with almonds cream inside. Very famous in France for the celebration of the 3 kings

Pain d'epices

Honey cake with homemade blend spices

Cereals bar

Yummy Cereals bars with coconut oil and cacao

Chocolate croissant

Bake with French chocolate and the highest quality of butter


French puff pastry with sugar dots

Kiwi and poppy seed cake

Option lime flavor possible. Ideal when it's hot outside, light cake with the freshness of the kiwi and the crunchy of the poppy seeds

French macarons

Almonds powder made by myself to realize the macarons.(long process)

4 quart cake

Typical French cake,perfect for a breakfast or tea time break.
Available with Coconut sugar and Lime

More items available

The quality and expectations of my customers are the most important for me
The pastries are made with local and high quality products
  1. Game ball
    Game ball
  2. Fruit paste
    Fruit paste
  3. Cake St genix with pink praline
    Cake St genix with pink praline
  4. Customize almond cake(king cake)
    Customize almond cake(king cake)
  5. Heart bread
    Heart bread
  6. mix of cookies and cake
    mix of cookies and cake
  7. crepes
  8. Samples cake
    Samples cake
  9. macaron
  10. Milk bread
    Milk bread
  11. Individual brioche with pink praline
    Individual brioche with pink praline
You could find me at The Chappaqua Farmer's market the saturday from 8:30am to 1pm(check the dates on the market website)

Sandrine Neau
Owner and Pastry chef of J'adore baking company